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Timeless Elegance The heritage of Finest Exotic Leather


Thailand is renowned for husbandry and exporting the finest “Exotic” leather. It attracts people from all over the world who seek for the first-class “Exotic” leather.  “PELLEVAH” has established from the small manufactured and retailer at the center of Thailand capital city. The prestige and experience, which have gathered over 30 years, is the impulsion to push “PELLEVAH” has grown under concept   “Timeless Elegance”. The luxurious does not mean only beauty; it also must be the eternal majesty. As a result, “PELLEVAH” is not the changeable fashion. It is the precious treasure from generation to next generation.

“PELLEVAH” collections are born from the passionate of designer teams in “Exotic Skin” with their inspiration from journey around the world. In each collection is combined suitably between the first-class Thai raw material and International Designing that suitable with everywhere and everyday usage for every lifestyle.  

“Timeless Elegance”
Woman invest in Timeless Design Bag because it is durable and never out of date. PELLEVAH is the hand-made handbags are produced and refined detailing with the highest quality exotic skins, elegant and Craftsmanship for everyday use.

PELLEVAH Positioning:
PELLEVAH is “the timeless elegance Exotic Leather products for everyday luxury.” PELLEVAH makes a statement of who we are, how we came to be and what we do. But more importantly, it is a promise to every consumer that PELLEVAH will only make products of the highest standard, to enhance the luxury in people’s lives.


- Discrete
Discreteness is one of vital elements that bring out the uniqueness of PELLEVAH products. We observe and collect every moment from our past experience to develop production techniques as well as initiate distinctive design.  

- Luxury 
PELLEVAH represents luxurious lifestyle of an individual by its classic, unique yet elegant design.  Not only in product appearance, the luxury contains in all brand aspects which are our superior service, high standard production and craftsmanship as well as brand heritage with an attempt to provide the most valuable products and services to all customers.

Seeking for an inspiration in different destinations, PELLEVAH products are inspired by every journey that the traveler has seen and experienced. In order to meet those who have a well-travelled lifestyle, PELLEVAH always strives to produce leather goods that combine luxurious design with great functionality. 

- Explorer
With the explorer personalities, PELLEVAH attempts to experiment and initiate new production techniques to distinguish the brand. We explore and seek and for the finest material as well as create the most distinctive colour pallete in order to stand out in the exotic market. 

Reason to buy:

- Highest quality materials
Exotic leathers are known to be the world’s rarest leather, especially PELLEVAH's farming processes and site which specifically separate the animal individually in their own area to offer you extremely perfect leathers which are completely flawless. Exotic leathers are a reputation for fascination and absolute beauty.

- Exquisite craftsmanship
“PELLEVAH” is an emblem of superior creations by highly skilled craftsmen which combine their expertise and passionate in exotic leathers to suit the premium quality leathers. Therefore, all “PELLEVAH” products are gorgeous, elegant and valuable also recognized to be the world’s first class master pieces.

- Exotic Bag is a symbol of affluence
Because exotic leathers are rare, valuable and eternal, together with each leather's unique characteristic and the stylish design assures that your “PELLEVAH” is distinguished and the only piece in the world. Moreover, exotic leather goods represent the owner’s status and wealthiness.

Crocodile Product Selling Point:
Crocodile leather is recognized as “The king of leathers”. Asian believes that possessing crocodile leather goods will bring fortune and good luck. The most common parts that are mainly use to make leather are;

- The head area which is outstanding for the bumps on the back of it. Believe to promote prestige and prosperity. Ideal for executives or government officials.

- Crocodile’s belly area which believe to promote wealth, fortune and good luck for the owner.

Besides the beliefs, “PELLEVAH” also selects exactly the same crocodile leathers from first class farms as the luxury brand products. Moreover, “PELLEVAH” gives full attention in every step of the production processes, since the framing processes which specifically separate each crocodile individually to get extremely flawless leathers until the bleaching and dyeing processes which use the highest quality materials in order to get soft, saturated, colorful and fadeless leathers. Making every “PELLEVAH” products stunning and excellent.

Python Product Selling Point:

There’s a belief that anyone whom possess snake leather goods will bring them success in their business or job without encountering any obstacles. Apart from the value of faith, it’s also a fashionable trend. Snake leather products not only just enhance the owner’s luxury taste but also are eternally classic, distinct, gorgeous and durable because of the natural unique characteristic which is unable to duplicate.

“PELLEVAH” selects the best snake leathers from all over the world. Such as Thailand’s best species which are saturated and glossy, when bleached or dyed it enhance the colors and make it even more beautiful and also other species from abroad which are larger in size to produce big leather products and to reduce seams or stitches which ensure not to lessen the value, fascination and beauty of the exotic leathers.

“PELLEVAH” pays persistent attention in every step of the production processes since selecting the highest quality leathers to suit each product’s pattern and another challenge of “PELLEVAH” is to be certain that every leather’s pattern that are each products are all consistent in order to produce purely spectacular and flawless pieces.

Stingray Product Selling Point:
Stingrays are beautiful creatures and their skin is very unique which looks like many small jewels place together to make a fine piece of leather and if you notice on the back of the stingrays there are white spots that looks similar to the number 8 which is Chinese’s lucky number meaning wealth.

Because stingrays are water animals and the water is cold there’s a belief that using stingray leather goods and the coldness will promote the ability to save money, prosperity and wealth.

Apart from the beliefs, stingray leathers are also popular all over the world because of the leather’s unique characteristic, durable and the extraordinary production of “PELLEVAH”. Our entire stingray’s products are glossy and sparkling as if they are decorated by gemstones which enhance the owner’s luxurious.

The House of PELLEVAH:

PELLEVAH flagship store and headquarters is on Luang Phang Road, in Bangkok, Thailand, offers the whole exotic leather range including all luxury items, bags, belts, leather cases and much more. In the near future, this house will also be known for its exotic leather crafts museum, which will let visitors journey into the exceptional skill and refined expertise that goes into each PELLEVAH item.


Discover the collection

PELLEVAH at PT Galleria :
888/8 Luang Phang Road, Thap Yao, Lat Krabang, Bangkok 10520
Bangkok-Chonburi Motorway Exit 21 Onnut-Latkrabang Road
+66 89 4551515
+66 (0)2 949 9500 # 718